IMPORTANT INFO: 2020 Comeback Challenge

Last updated on May 14th, 2020 11:00 p.m.


We are happy to announce for the 2020 Comeback Challenge our friends at CourtMakers are one of the sponsors for the event. CourtMakers is one of the oldest court resurfacing businesses in the Southeast. They do some of the best work on courts all over the Atlanta area. In addition to being one of the best in the business they are always willing to step up and help the tennis community. Please check them out!

If you are interested in helping sponsor this event please give us a call at 678-687-5662.

All play will be at Laurel Park Tennis Center, 151 Manning Rd. Marietta, GA, 30064

Important Information:

  1. Fun but low key event! We hope this event will be fun and competitive and those two aspects will not be mutually exclusive. Both parents and players will need to keep “it between the lines” and on best behavior at the event.
  2. Our number 1 priority is going to be adhering to the social distancing guidelines in place at that time. This is imperative! This can affect scheduling. We will want to limit the numbers of parents and players hanging around. While this is a team event we will want to keep good distancing. Just recently they showed a picture on social media of a team competition they did in Europe and everyone stood for the team picture and they were all standing socially distanced apart. 🙂 We also request fewer family members attend the matches only because of the times we are living in with this virus.
  3. No officials will be used for this event. The players will need to understand The Code. If you are not 100% the ball was out then it was good. And 1% in is 100% good. But by the same token players need to give one another the “benefit of the doubt” and realize everyone is making the best calls they can. We will be giving a $50 gift card to the best Girl and Boy sportsmen during the two tournament weekends. We will also give out 10 other small prizes on the spot for “excellent sportsmanship” exhibited. Details of this are TBD.
  4. The teams are set for the first weekend is and we are ready for play on Friday beginning at 3:30 p.m. We will decide on the “subsequent draft” for second tournament early next week. If we have a different draft field for the second weekend (May 22-24, 2020) we will either do trades, free agency or even a complete redraft. 🙂
  5. The coaching staff for the event is set. We can use a few more coaches for the next weekend. Please call JP at (678)467-1810. The coaches are donating their time. In other events across the USA like this parents and teams have done things on their own as a team group to thank the coaches. Please consider this at some point as a team. Even a nice card can go a long way.
  6. Here is the decision on the two weekends: We began with the idea of social distancing as priority and playing full matches with no matches being shortened – we thought it might take 2 separate weekends. We have studied a variety of scenarios and formats and we like the 2 singles matches and 1 doubles match to determine a tie. We think with no weather factors we can accomplish the tournament in one weekend. Many people are worried as they cannot make the first weekend. So with no other tournament play going on in the world – we have decided to hold two separate weekends with the intent to finish both tournaments. We are not under USTA sanctioning restrictions and we are hopeful things can work out for the best to do both. This is an incredible experience and opportunity from the standpoint of match play. Please keep this in mind.
  7. At the present time the bathrooms at the LPTC are closed. Be aware of this. There is a bathroom open down below at the old pro shop.
  8. Bring your own lawn chairs to sit separately on the grounds.
  9. We will be serving box lunches to the kids on Saturday and Sunday. Parents can buy a lunch for $10.00. If you do not like Chik-Fil-A or Jimmy John’s then bring your own lunch.
  10. Let’s talk “LUNCH” some more: Lunch is a choice. If your child is going and sitting and eating lunch with your teammates – this is a choice for your family. It is a 20+ acre park and if you want to go and eat under a tree away from everyone that is a fine thing. Nobody is forcing any child to eat, or socialize if they do not feel comfortable doing so. If you do not want to eat the lunch please let us know and we can order less. 
  11. Cost: Flat fee is $75.00 for both weekends. If you play one or two of the tournaments the cost will be the same. The cost is $75.00 if you join us for the second weekend. 
  12. Once drafted you will need to pay for your spot on the team by May 10, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. If not paid at that time your spot will be given to an alternate. No exceptions. Alternates have until Monday, May 11th by 12 noon and then we will move to the next player. To pay call the Pro Shop at 770-919-8602 and pay by credit card. Consider your entry a donation to charity. Once the entry is paid there are no refunds. 


  • There are 8 teams of Boys and 8 teams of Girls chosen. The names of the teams will represent countries. 4 players will be drafted for each team in the girls divisions and 5 boys are on each team.
  • Those not chosen will be “Alternates”. More than likely these will be needed both this weekend and the next.
  • There will be two divisions of 4 teams set up to play a round robin (ex., Olympic/World).
  • We will begin play on Friday afternoon and play Saturday and Sunday.
  • The first round will be played Friday afternoon.
  • Saturday rounds two and three will be played.
  • All singles and doubles matches will consist of 2/3 full sets. Each tie one boy will sit out. No girls are sitting out. A tie between teams will consist of 2 singles matches and 1 doubles match. Each child is offered at least 1 opportunity to play doubles if not more.
  • There will be a minimum of a 5 minute break between sets and maximum of 10.
  • The coaches will set the lineup. Coaches will have some latitude in setting the lineups from match to match. The biggest adjustment or variance will be involving the doubles.
  • During the team tournament Coaching will be allowed from the bench or from wherever the coach deems safe distance. The coach can coach at any time during the match but he/she may not hold up play and not when the ball is in play. Parents are asked to stand and sit back away from the court and not coach unless they are one of the designated coaches. You can advise the coach during the match if you see something but do not address the players. We want team members and family to stay back from the fences when and if cheering.


Semis and Finals are played.

#1 and #2 from both divisions will compete.

Sunday AM Semis: #1 from Europe vs. #2 from North America.

#1 from North America vs. #2 from Europe.

Sunday PM Finals: Winner of the semis meet to determine champions.

We will play the #3 and #4 team positions also.

Prizes will be awarded only to the First Place and Second Place teams. Players need to have played in at least two matches to qualify for prizes.


We have safe practices and systems in place for operating the Tennis Center during this time period. If you are concerned about viral safety please consult with Jennifer at 678-687-5662 or ask your coach for help.

  • We suggest people bring their own sanitizer and wipes if they feel they may need to wipe more often.
  • We will have sanitizer at a station located near the tennis center.
  • The courts will be bleached after each use. Further, please remember the sun plays an enormous roll in minimizing the virus. Within 30 seconds it expires in the sunlight.
  • Every player can clean their hands before playing and after playing. If a child is sick they should let us know, stay at home and if we cannot get an alternate to play – the #2 singles match will be defaulted.
  • Each player should be their “own best advocate”. If a coach gets too close to them – then move away. If a child is not comfortable eating the lunch then let us know ahead of time and we do not have to buy as many lunches. If a friend gets too close to you – then move away. We do not want to bring out extra staff and family to the matches to watch for and avoid “close encounters”. If as a parent you do not feel safe with the coach going on to your child’s court to speak to them then tell them so – and they will comply.
  • At this point if you are really beginning to question whether or not you feel safe then perhaps you might want to withdraw from the event and we can try and find another player to take that opportunity.

Warm Up Courts

  • If you are scheduled to play at a certain time and you are the first rounds of matches in the day then those times are good for you to arrive at the park for your matches.
  • Please show up on time and ready to play.
  • We will not be opening the courts for warm-up until 1/2 hour before the assigned times for play.
  • There are two locations where you might be able to warmup close to the Laurel Park Tennis Center.
  • Lewis Park located at 475 Campbell St., Marietta, GA. 30006 has four courts for warmup.
  • Tumlin Park is located at 400 Chestnut Hill Rd. Marietta, GA. 30064 and it has two courts for warm-up.
  • If you are unable to warmup enough at one of those courts please try to find a spot in the parking at Laurel Park lot to hit volleys or do a “body warm-up” by jumping rope or by throwing a football. But do not congregate up near the tennis center.

Boys Coaches

(Players please try and contact your coaches via text or cell phones to let them know you are ready to play.)




J.P. Weber



Robert McAdoo



Greg Skollar



Tate Petito



Bobby Mariencheck


United Kingdom

Noel Wadawu



Liam Villante



Chris Parker



Girls Coaches

(Players please try and contact your coaches via text or cell phones to let them know you are ready to play.)

Thad Slaton



Rebecca Dilanni



Joe Klokow



J.P. Weber



Rachel Faucett



MK Lewis/Ben Van Hout


United Kingdom

Noel Wadawu



Megan Cozad



The Cleanest Tennis Center!

What LPTC is doing to KEEP YOU SAFE!


  • This post is part of our effort to communicate ongoing practices letting everyone know what is happening at the Tennis Center and what we are accomplishing on a daily basis to lessen the health risks.
  • We have signs up about the importance of best practices.
  • Court reservations should be made using app or calling the tennis center (770) 919-8602.


  • During this pandemic our closing time is earlier. At this time the whole park is closed at 8:00 P.M. therefore the courts are closed at 7:30 P.M. (Mondays thru Thursdays) and 6:00 P.M. (Fridays thru Sundays)
  • All of our gates are locked or roped off and access to the courts is limited. Only those playing tennis are permitted on the court. Only staff open and close the gates so there is no random access.
  • At the current time no more indoor classes are being held. Classes are being rescheduled on inclement days at a later date.
  • The tennis center building will remain locked until further notice.
  • The tennis center bathrooms are closed to tennis patrons at this time.
  • There are bathrooms open in the park which are sanitized regularly by the City Of Marietta. Those restrooms are located below the old pro shop behind X Court.


  • Wipe down blitz! Everything that could be touched we are wiping down. We are wiping and spraying gates, nets, benches, score boards and umpires chairs after every usage. All railings and door handles are cleaned.
  • Soap and sanitizers are available for the players to use.
  • Please wash your hands before coming to drills and after leaving.


  • We want everyone to keep good social distance when coming to play.
  • A great bit of the normal tennis activities and programs are now limited at the LPTC. Smaller numbers of players on each court and privates are now the norm. Hitting lessons and ball machines are great ways to improve.
  • No more than 4 players on a court at a time is the new standard.
  • We have more staff and lower class numbers.
  • We work hard to put less players on courts and in every instance possible will leave one court open in terms of spacing.
  • All court assignments ands reservations are done on and records of play are kept in that manner.
  • The courts are sanitized after each reservation.


  • We are 6′ at a minimum apart on the drill courts.
  • Player – player drills as opposed to line drills are what we use. This is the basic model of coaching we are known for all along. We believe players progress better and with solid fundamentals thru doing these types of drills. We never have been big on line drills.
  • Coaches have become excellent at being able to instruct players from a distance. Using the right words to communicate to the players and using simple and solid concepts is the key to having this type of coaching work. Our Coaches are excellent at it.
  • At the completion of the drills the players need to leave immediately.
  • If any players remain the coaches remain until the parents arrive.


  • We spray and clean the balls for each usage.
  • We keep the balls separate for each group and coach.
  • We use mowers to pick up the balls.
  • But in all honesty the best defense against the virus and the tennis ball comes from the sun. Latest research explains that while the virus can remain on hard surfaces for up to three days this is on indoor surfaces. Outside in the sunlight the virus dies in 30 seconds or less. So between sanitizing the balls and leaving them in the sun to dry our tennis balls are some of the cleanest balls around! 


  • Do NOT come to the LPTC to play if you have any of the symptoms of the Corona Virus (see CDC Guidelines) or are not feeling well. It is that simple.
  • Wash your hands before playing.
  • Bring and use your own equipment. Do not lend equipment or use anything that is not yours.
  • Do not arrive earlier than needed for drills.
  • Come at your scheduled time to drill and not to hang out.
  • Leave the court immediately upon finishing play.
  • Avoid touching net, fences and gates as much as possible.
  • Avoid contact if playing doubles.
  • Stay on your side of the court.
  • During this time period if the kids are not practicing then they need to leave.
  • Parents must pick up their kids immediately after drills are over.
  • There is to be no hanging around by players before the drills and after the drills. If they are on site to practice that is fine but no hanging around the courts and other common areas.
  • Coaches stay with their players until their parents arrive to pick them up. Kid stays – Coach stays!
Tennis Facility Management

2020 Comeback Team Challenge

**Register for the PLAYER DRAFT!

At the Laurel Park Tennis Center, Marietta, GA. 

May 15-17, 22-24, 2020

Right now we will start with just these wide open divisions. The early response has been amazing. But we are still not sure what the final count will be so we are combining the 16’s, 14’s, and 12’s together into one big division. If we get a large draft we may then subdivide the divisions.

Boys’ 16 to 12 & Under Team Competition 

Girls’ 16 to 12 & Under Team Competition 

 (Friday evening will only be used if rain is in the forecast. Could do a Monday too if the rain is heavy.) 


  • 6-8 teams 4-5 players per team (total 24-32 players)  “Davis Cup” Ties between teams will consist of 2 Singles and 1 Doubles Match all played simultaneously (# of teams TBD based on
  • Super Zoom Draft RegistrationSuper Zoom Draft (HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL LATER THIS WEEK!) teams drafted by either Player/Captains or Coaches. TBD

    The ZOOM DRAFT will be scheduled later this week. We will let you know when we have it ready.


*Players must register for the draft by 12 midnight Saturday, May 2nd, 2020. To register contact Jennifer Weber at or call her at 678-687-5662.

  • To register for the draft it does not cost anything. Once drafted then the entry fee will need to be paid in order to guarantee your spot on your team.
  • 2 singles and 1 doubles (2/3 full sets, regular scoring). 
  • 2 Weekends May 15-17 and May 22-24  are planned for this but we may not need all of the dates to complete.
  • (Rain dates – Fridays and Mondays evenings based on forecast and working it out among the players and coaches.) TBD
  • Play starts each day at 9:00 AM except the Fridays and Mondays.
  • If the Fridays and Mondays are used then we would play after 5:00 p.m.
  • Coaching just like Davis Cup or NCAA collegiate play will be allowed at all times from the benches or other safe areas.
  • Player/Captains or Coaches set line-ups: Round #1  Ex. Team A player #1 plays Team B player #1; Team A player #2 plays Team B player #2 and Team A Doubles plays Team B Doubles.                                          

Example: Tentative Schedule Week #1 (Tentative and subject to change)

  • Team A vs. Team B (Courts 1-3)
  • Round #1  9:00 AM  matches (players go directly to court-assigned)
  • Lunch The tentative plan is for teams to be assigned a picnic area for “social distancing”.
  • Lunch provided- Chick-Fil-A sandwich, carrot/celery stick/dip, apple, bag of chips, dessert, water bottle or bring your own lunch.

·      Round #2 1:00 PM 

Rules and Misc (Subject to change):

  • No officials-players play fairly and honestly.
  • Prizes – as an example: each player on winning team will receive a $50 gift card (Ex. Amazon, I Tunes)
  • Rules for “social distancing” need be observed to at all times.
  • We would really prefer only one other family member attend.
  • Cost for both weekends $75. Once drafted you must pay by phone by calling Jennifer at the Laurel Park Tennis Center. 770-919-8602

Check back to this post for further updates!

Big bonus is this is neither UTR or USTA event!

The Marietta Grand Prix Series Returns!

Presented by Tennis Dynamics and The Laurel Park Tennis Center!

For 2020 we are beginning the Marietta Grand Prix in February! The first is on February 29th, 2020 and the second is on March 21st, 2020! You can sign up by going to the USTA’s Tennislink website and finding the date there and completing the registration online. Or you can call the LPTC to get more information about this and other tournaments hosted at the tennis center throughout the year.

There are 12 events throughout the year and each event is held on a Saturday.

Here is the rest of the schedule for 2020!

February 29, 2020 #1

March 21, 2020 #2 Canceled due to Co-Vid 19

April 18, 2020 #3 Canceled due to Co-Vid 19

May 23, 2020 #4 TBD

June 13, 2020 #5

July 18, 2020 #6

August 29, 2020 #7

September 5, 2020 #8

October 10, 2020 #9

November 7, 2020 #10

December 5, 2020 #11

December 12, 2020 #12