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Other Services Offered

Tennis Dynamics offers other beneficial services in addition to our development programs. Please see below our other service details and feel free to contact us for more information.

Teddy Tennis

Teddy Tennis is a fantastic new FUN way to encourage children aged 2 1/2 to 5 years to get active and learn to play tennis. It works by combining Music, Pictures and Teddy Bear Stories into a totally interactive learning adventure that your child will love!

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Teddy Tennis at Laurel Park Tennis Center

Marietta Tennis Leagues

At Laurel Park we are the host for the the Marietta Tennis Leagues powered by XPoint. The Marietta Tennis Leagues are local leagues designed to be time efficient and easy to join.

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Marietta Tennis League

Wilson Advisory Staff

As members of the Wilson Advisory Staff we can offer information on the complete line of Wilson racquets and equipment.

Wilson Tennis

Wilson Advisory Staff

Stringing and Racquet Customization Business

Craig Brotman is known as probably the best stringer ever on the ATP Tour. The only ATP pro player he has not strung for is Carlos Alcaraz. Craig offers a variety of game improvement services for players including racquet customization. He is available for consultation and will be in charge of handling all stringing related issues.

Custom Stringing: Matching the right string and the right tension for racquets is what we do. We offer a selection of over 50 different strings. We utilize a state of the art computerized stringing machine to ensure the very best in quality and consistency.

Grips: We offer a full line of replacement and over-grips. We also re-size grips and create custom shape grips.

Racquet Customization: Utilizing diagnostic computers, our technician can evaluate racquet weight, flex, balance, and swing weight. We customize racquets by changing either the weight, balance, or swing weight …or any combination of these.

Racquet Matching: Most players have two or more racquets. Even though they may be identical models, there will always be at least slight differences in their weight, balance, and swing weight. We make adjustments to assure that every racquet in your bag is identical.


Video Analysis

We offer several forms of video analysis as a method for improving technique and tactics. We use the SwingVision and other video analysis tools and software to help players improve in a variety of ways.


Ball Machine Rental

Our Playmate Ball Machines are the best on the market. Call to schedule a time for machine rental for a ½ hour or 1 hour time slot. We also have available the Playmate Ball Retriever in order to make the rental time more efficient. (Based on availability.)

  • Rental Fees – $17 per half hour or $22.00 per hour
  • 10 Passes – 10 (1) hour rental packages – $150
  • Annual Pass – $350

Laurel Park Tennis Ball Machine


Corporate Round Robins

Tennis Dynamics staff is experienced and can offer a variety of group options for corporate Round Robins. Meals can be served and refreshments provided for corporate outings at the Laurel Park Tennis Center.


College Placement Services

J.P. Weber has established relationships with college coaches all over the country. As a former collegiate coach, he knows many of them on a first name basis. He can help young players to be better informed about their decisions when it comes to choosing a school.



At Laurel Park we organize and direct both USTA sanctioned and unsanctioned tournaments for all levels and ages. In years past Tennis Dynamics would host as many as 25 tournaments a year at Laurel Park but Covid put a hold on many of those. In 2023 we are on our way to building back up to that number with over 25 currently scheduled.

Visit our Laurel Park Section for more info and tournament registration.