The Cleanest Tennis Center!

What LPTC is doing to KEEP YOU SAFE!


  • This post is part of our effort to communicate ongoing practices letting everyone know what is happening at the Tennis Center and what we are accomplishing on a daily basis to lessen the health risks.
  • We have signs up about the importance of best practices.
  • Court reservations should be made using app or calling the tennis center (770) 919-8602.


  • During this pandemic our closing time is earlier. At this time the whole park is closed at 8:00 P.M. therefore the courts are closed at 7:30 P.M. (Mondays thru Thursdays) and 6:00 P.M. (Fridays thru Sundays)
  • All of our gates are locked or roped off and access to the courts is limited. Only those playing tennis are permitted on the court. Only staff open and close the gates so there is no random access.
  • At the current time no more indoor classes are being held. Classes are being rescheduled on inclement days at a later date.
  • The tennis center building will remain locked until further notice.
  • The tennis center bathrooms are closed to tennis patrons at this time.
  • There are bathrooms open in the park which are sanitized regularly by the City Of Marietta. Those restrooms are located below the old pro shop behind X Court.


  • Wipe down blitz! Everything that could be touched we are wiping down. We are wiping and spraying gates, nets, benches, score boards and umpires chairs after every usage. All railings and door handles are cleaned.
  • Soap and sanitizers are available for the players to use.
  • Please wash your hands before coming to drills and after leaving.


  • We want everyone to keep good social distance when coming to play.
  • A great bit of the normal tennis activities and programs are now limited at the LPTC. Smaller numbers of players on each court and privates are now the norm. Hitting lessons and ball machines are great ways to improve.
  • No more than 4 players on a court at a time is the new standard.
  • We have more staff and lower class numbers.
  • We work hard to put less players on courts and in every instance possible will leave one court open in terms of spacing.
  • All court assignments ands reservations are done on and records of play are kept in that manner.
  • The courts are sanitized after each reservation.


  • We are 6′ at a minimum apart on the drill courts.
  • Player – player drills as opposed to line drills are what we use. This is the basic model of coaching we are known for all along. We believe players progress better and with solid fundamentals thru doing these types of drills. We never have been big on line drills.
  • Coaches have become excellent at being able to instruct players from a distance. Using the right words to communicate to the players and using simple and solid concepts is the key to having this type of coaching work. Our Coaches are excellent at it.
  • At the completion of the drills the players need to leave immediately.
  • If any players remain the coaches remain until the parents arrive.


  • We spray and clean the balls for each usage.
  • We keep the balls separate for each group and coach.
  • We use mowers to pick up the balls.
  • But in all honesty the best defense against the virus and the tennis ball comes from the sun. Latest research explains that while the virus can remain on hard surfaces for up to three days this is on indoor surfaces. Outside in the sunlight the virus dies in 30 seconds or less. So between sanitizing the balls and leaving them in the sun to dry our tennis balls are some of the cleanest balls around! 


  • Do NOT come to the LPTC to play if you have any of the symptoms of the Corona Virus (see CDC Guidelines) or are not feeling well. It is that simple.
  • Wash your hands before playing.
  • Bring and use your own equipment. Do not lend equipment or use anything that is not yours.
  • Do not arrive earlier than needed for drills.
  • Come at your scheduled time to drill and not to hang out.
  • Leave the court immediately upon finishing play.
  • Avoid touching net, fences and gates as much as possible.
  • Avoid contact if playing doubles.
  • Stay on your side of the court.
  • During this time period if the kids are not practicing then they need to leave.
  • Parents must pick up their kids immediately after drills are over.
  • There is to be no hanging around by players before the drills and after the drills. If they are on site to practice that is fine but no hanging around the courts and other common areas.
  • Coaches stay with their players until their parents arrive to pick them up. Kid stays – Coach stays!

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