2020 Comeback Team Challenge **Teams LINEUPS Established**

The ZOOM DRAFT is over and the teams have been picked! That was last week’s news! We have had some changes and here are the new players entering the challenge!

More info will follow. Below are the teams!  Please check and watch for text messages and for emails regarding the next steps.

Draft News

(as of 12:30 PM Thursday, May 21st, 2020)



 AUSTRALIA – Coach Weber 678-467-1810

Srikar Polisetty (pd)

James Weber (pd)

Nishith Rajesh (pd)

Kayden Colombo (pd)

Murphy Faucett (pd)

SWEDEN – Coach McAdoo 973-356-4343

Neiman Sneed (pd)

Cole Wooten (pd)

Brady Gober (pd)

Robert McAdoo (pd)

Simon Hayal (pd)

GREAT BRITAIN – Coach Cozad 678-365-6538

Paul Fridman (pd)

Thomas Wakefield (pd)

Ryan Cozad (pd)

James Wakefield (pd)

London Vasilescu (pd)

ITALY – Coach Wheeler 678-296-5460

Mitchell Freeman (pd)

Evan Rigsby (pd)

Liam O’Leary (pd)

Jackson Gordon (pd)

Aashray Arun (pd)

SPAIN – Coach Villante  678-492-3392

Ryan Grunert (pd)

Dylan O’Keeffe (pd)

Christopher Marek (pd)

Kile Ha (pd)

Jacob Ford (pd)

RUSSIA – Coach Parker  404-210-0501

Thomas Johnson (pd)

Heys Parker (pd)

Pearce Lane (pd)

Jackson Orsega (pd)

Alex Chapman (pd)


SWITZERLAND – Coach Skollar 404-333-1988

Ryan King (pd)

Jack Hubbard (pd)

Jadon Skollar (pd)

Suchir Sama (pd)

Anibal Nunez (pd)

NETHERLANDS – Coach Wadawu 770-658-9388

Evan Le (pd)

Grant Carriere (pd)

Cooper Ciavola (pd)

Spencer Rosant (pd)

Harrison Silver (pd)


AUSTRALIA – Coach Weber  678-467-1810

Kennedi Jones (pd)

Mary Asheley Jacoppo (pd)

Lani Sturgeon (pd)

Madeline Holman (pd)

SWEDEN – Coach Diianni  470-312-1681

Erin McGrath (pd)

Michaela Kokosaka (pd)

Catherine Dierker (pd)

Julianna Diianni (pd)

GREAT BRITAIN – Coach Wheeler 678-2965460

Michelle Jones (pd)

Isabella Ferrer (pd)

Rhodes Reddick (pd)

Mary Kate Kahl (pd)

ITALY – Coach Diianni  678-851-9956

Erika Terek (pd)

Amala Arun (pd)

Sasha Dimitrov (pd)

Jensen Diianni (pd)

SPAIN – Coach Gavin Thomas 813-240-5071

Visnja Gusavac (pd)

Shelly Zinchenko (pd)

Daniela O’Leary

Elle Wakefield (pd)

RUSSIA – Coach Sam Cohen 770-681-8924

Anya Nelson (pd)

Alex Alterman (pd)

Mercer Holman (pd)

Lucy Orr (pd)

SWITZERLAND – Coach Slaton 404-422-6169

Emma Bethel (pd)

Samantha Slaton (pd)

Alex Rodehorst (pd)

Alexa Slaton (pd)

NETHERLANDS – Coach Wadawu 770-658-9388

Isabelle Theodore (pd)

Sydney Hrehor (pd)

Ava Rodriguez (pd)

Layla Ali Khan (pd)






The Marietta Grand Prix Series Returns!

Presented by Tennis Dynamics and The Laurel Park Tennis Center!

For 2020 we are beginning the Marietta Grand Prix in February! The first is on February 29th, 2020 and the second is on March 21st, 2020! You can sign up by going to the USTA’s Tennislink website and finding the date there and completing the registration online. Or you can call the LPTC to get more information about this and other tournaments hosted at the tennis center throughout the year.

There are 12 events throughout the year and each event is held on a Saturday.

Here is the rest of the schedule for 2020!

February 29, 2020 #1

March 21, 2020 #2 Canceled due to Co-Vid 19

April 18, 2020 #3 Canceled due to Co-Vid 19

May 23, 2020 #4 TBD

June 13, 2020 #5

July 18, 2020 #6

August 29, 2020 #7

September 5, 2020 #8

October 10, 2020 #9

November 7, 2020 #10

December 5, 2020 #11

December 12, 2020 #12