Tennis Facility Management

Consulting & Strategic Planning

We’ll sit down with you and learn where you might want to go.
We’ll plan the best path to reach those goals.
We’ll keep listening to you in order to put you ahead of the competition.

As consultants and strategic planners our objectives are to facilitate and accomplish our clients’ goals vis-a-vis making the club or facility as appealing as possible in terms of comfort—both from a physical facility standpoint and to the eye. There are various challenges unique to each club to overcome in order to achieve success.

Regarding either private or public facilities we are available to assist and consult in the following areas:

Tennis facilities

  • New site selection and feasibility, options with regard to surface, existing or complete refurbishment input
  • Defining the scope of a particular project
  • Developing budgetary considerations
  • Consideration of contractors
  • Assistance with regard to court layout
  • Selection with regard to specific amenities
  • Court construction and complete refurbishment (contract administration from start to finish)
  • Pro-Shop operations
  • Providing unbiased neutral perspectives for quality decision-making
  • Assisting schools with the promotion of tennis