2020 Comeback Team Challenge – Lineups


We are happy to announce for the 2020 Comeback Challenge our friends at CourtMakers are one of the sponsors for the event. CourtMakers is one of the oldest court resurfacing businesses in the Southeast. They do some of the best work on courts all over the Atlanta area. In addition to being one of the best in the business they are always willing to step up and help the tennis community. Please check them out!

If you are interested in helping sponsor this event please give us a call at 678-687-5662.

It is not complicated! Play Ball!

  • Each team will have a coach and they will submit their lineup 10 minutes before their match to the desk.
  • The coaches will have leeway in determining their lineup.
  • Each child will be offered the opportunity to play doubles at least twice over the weekend by the coaches.
  • Coaches from both teams may also consult one another before the match is played if they choose to do so. It is not a requirement.
  • Once the lineups are turned in to the desk the line-up is final unless appealed by the coach to Games Committee. Once play begins there is no further change.
  • We chose this small match format to use because of the “social distancing” requirements being adhered to throughout our society to work our way out of the pandemic. There will be two singles matches and a one doubles match being played. This leans heavily toward singles play. But it can also lead to varied results. Play the match one day and you might have completely different results on the next day.
  • There are a variety of things which will determine coaches’ line-ups: from parents not wanting their children on a doubles court, from a child not wanting to play singles or doubles, to partnerships and friendships, to sibling rivalries, to injuries, to hurt feelings and on and on. We also chose to give the coaches leeway in dealing with their line-ups because of these various problems which may arise.
  • A coach can choose to take lots of feedback or very little from relatives and coaches.
  • The Boys Teams have five players on each team. They have a schedule which must be followed regarding sitting a player every round and that is located on the post written to define the schedule here.
  • Some team competitions give no freedom and the lineup is set by the organizing entity (ex., USTA Zonals). We feel we need to allow more freedom for this event. We are not desirous of establishing strict lineup guidelines.
  • Obviously the criteria of the players’ standing and UTR will be considered.
  • The doubles match will end up being the “wildcard” variable that can influence results. Players can be offered 2 opportunities to play doubles. But no child is required to play doubles. If this seems counter intuitive please understand there are some parents concerned with the prospect of playing doubles. 
  • If somebody wants to cheat they will figure out a way to do so.
  • If you end up playing somebody better than you — this too, is probably going to happen along the way over the weekend. But please remember there is “no bad win in tennis” and we are doing this to get match play opportunities.
  • We will have a “Games Committee” and any appeal can be made to the committee prior to the match beginning. The committee’s ruling will stand and the lineup will need to be adjusted accordingly. No appeals after the match has been played will be reviewed.
  • In the end here is the main directive we are giving to the coaches regarding lineups:

    Your lineup has to be in true order of ability. So a #1 cannot play below a #3 in singles. We are going to allow the most variance with the doubles. You can take your #1 and play them with the #5 in doubles and make a lineup. 

Do the right thing like Coach Holtz says!


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