JP Weber
Director of Tennis Operations

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James Paul Weber is best known to his students as “J.P.” It’s about the only thing that’s been shortened in his life-long pursuit of tennis excellence. His specialty is assuring players of all ages and abilities that he will not short-change them as they pursue their tennis goals. He accomplishes this by using his personally developed methods included in Tennis Dynamics Inc., coupled with his love of the game, his 31 years of coaching and teaching experiences, and his dedication to his students.

Tennis Dynamics, Inc. is the culmination of his life-long work. It is a multi-faceted methodology for developing and nurturing the complete tennis player. It employs tactics, strategies, conditioning and mental preparation. It demands solid fundamentals, which J.P. knows is the foundation tennis players need to get started and keep them going.

As a former Division One tennis player himself (he played number one at UTEP), J.P. has coached in seven NCAA Division One Men’s Championships, three Blue/Gray National Championships, and seven Regional NCAA Division One Championships. He has coached nine top nationally ranked juniors, and assisted five NCAA Division One teams reach the final eight in competition in NCAA Championships.

His experience as a key member of the Training Staff for the USTA in Albuquerque, N.M., Assistant Men’s Tennis Coach at the University of Notre Dame, and the Assistant Tennis Coach for Women’s Tennis at the University of Arizona make J.P. uniquely aware of the challenges and joys of tennis, and the techniques necessary to keep players motivated and moving toward achieving individual and team goals.

Jean Desdunes, USTA National Coach for Women’s Tennis and a NCAA All-American, states “You will never find anyone who cares more or works harder to get the best out of his students. I have never worked with anyone who has more pure passion and love of tennis. Tennis Dynamics programs will help players of all types become the best they can be.”

James Paul Weber is certified through the United State Professional Tennis Association (U.S.P.T.A.) and the Professional Registry Association (U.S.P.T.R.). He has a Masters of Science Degree in professional tourism management (P.R.T.M.) from Clemson University and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Arizona. J.P. attended the University of Texas at El Paso on a full athletic scholarship for tennis.

“I have had the opportunity to work with many great coaches around the United States. Many of these coaches I consider to be the ‘ones in the trenches’ and doing the real coaching of some the nation’s finest players. I have learned an enormous amount from great tennis coaches like Jim Leighton, Gene Stogner, Don Dickinson, Ross Walker, Gary Englebrecht, Chuck Kriese, Paul Scarpa, Bill Wright, Bobby Bayliss, and Jerry Baskin. I appreciate having had the opportunity to learn from them and consider each Masters of the profession.”