2018 Marietta Grand Prix!

The 2018 Marietta Grand Prix

presented by Resurgen’s Orthopaedics


For 2018 we are beginning the Marietta Grand Prix in April! The first is on April 21st and the second is on May 19th!

We are pleased to announce presenting sponsor Resurgen’s Orthopaedics has returned to help us for another year! We make the Marietta Grand Prix events better than ever!

There are 12 events throughout the year and each event is held on a Saturday.

Mega Congrats to all of last season’s winners!!!!!!!!

2017 Marietta Grand Prix

Season Champions

Men’s Open Singles

1st Place Hamayun Zafar
2nd Place Chris Irvin

Men’s 3.5 & Above Singles

1st Place Rathakrishnan Janakiraman
2nd Place Joseph Perry

Boy’s 14 & Under Singles

1st Place Jabarhi Woods
2nd Place Noah Buczek

Boy’s 12 & Under Singles

1st Place James Weber
2nd Place Braden Smith

Boy’s 10 & Under Singles

1st Place Zeke Etheredge
2nd Place Copper Hecklinski

Boy’s 8 & Under Singles

1st Place Caleb Johnson
2nd Place Levi Bravo

Women’s Singles Division

1st Place Maddie Byrne
2nd Place Julie Richards

Girls 16 & Under Singles

1st Place Cameron Abbott
2nd Place Allyah Williams

Girls 14 & Under Singles

1st Place Reagan Davis
2nd Place Ashton Graus

Girl’s 12 & Under Singles

1st Place Carolina Hanson
2nd Place Avery Graus

Girl’s 10 & Under Singles

1st Place Grayce Bates
2nd Place Jensen Diiani

Girl’s 8 & Under Singles

1st Place Camille Hanson
2nd Place Madeline Phillips

Doubles Wildcard Championships

1st Place Reagan Davis/Cameron Abbott
2nd Place James Weber/Camille Hanson